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Available in Muscatine

Teddy and Friends
In the Muscatine Mall

Under The Bed Toys and Collectibles
At 222 W. 2nd St.

Deluxe Set

  • 15 Clowns, 2 Dowels, 6 Toss Rings Instruction Book
  • Each Figure stands 4-1/2 inches tall
  • Made from wood
  • Great for Ages 3 years up to 103 years!
Price: $21.99 + Shipping
Winner of the Dr. Toy Award

The history of Bill Ding Balancing Clowns starts in Moline, Illinois at the Strombeck-Becker Manufacturing Company in 1911. At that time the company's product was wooden tool handles, but then added wooden toys in 1919. By 1922, the company had changed its name to Strombecker and concentrated on making wooden trains, which soon lead to airplanes, ships, games, and dollhouses.

In 1931 Strombeck Manufacturing introduced Bill Ding Balancing Clowns which turned out to be one of their best sellers for the company. Strombeck manufactured Bill Ding until the 1960's. In 1980, Chicago Cutlery bought Strombeck Manufacturing and in 1985 Ed Stuhr of Stuhr Enterprises, purchased the wood division of Chicago Cutlery. Included in that purchase were the rights and patents to Bill Ding Clowns. Stuhr Enterprises started to manufacture Bill Ding in 1988 and continued until 2001 when the plant closed and Ed retired. Still loving his toy and wanting to continue its production, Ed and his wife Katherine, pursued a long and sometimes difficult journey to its reintroduction in the market place.

Stuhr Products is the proud owner of Bill Ding Balancing Clowns, a unique hand/eye coordination toy made from White Birch wood and lead free paint.

Bill Ding Clowns are made in China under strict quality control standards, tested for lead in Hong Kong and again tested and certified lead free at the University of Iowa Laboratories.


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Skillfull Bill Ding

Bill Ding Balancing Clowns are considered one of the best eye/hand coordination toys ever made.

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